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Kathy MacFarlane | Leadership Consultant

MA in Leadership, CFRE, Spiritual Intelligence Coach, MBTI Practitioner & Resilience at Work Coach

Kathy MacFarlane
Leadership Consultant

MA in Leadership, CFRE, Spiritual Intelligence Coach, MBTI Practitioner & Resilience at Work Coach

My Passion Is To Inspire Your Team

Not all leaders are built the same, but the most inspiring leaders foster a culture of trust, creativity and innovation. I partner with you and your team to explore your potential as a leader and open your team’s eyes to the value of collaborative, forward-thinking organizational cultures. Learn to foster individuals and teams that are vibrant, remain calm in chaos, and tap into the collective wisdom to work toward a shared purpose.

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Tips for Being a Calm & Healing Presence in Uncertainty

As leaders in our organizations, family and community people look to us for guidance and direction. As we lead and support others, we also need to foster our own wellness and resilience. Download my free e-tool for tips on how to build resilience and develop a practice of self-care and nurturing in the face of uncertainty.

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Supporting The Art of Possibility

leadership development

Empowered Teams Foster Creativity

When organizational cultures cultivate safety, trust and risk-taking, employees bring their best self to work. 

Spiritual Intelligence

Maintaining Inner & Outer Peace In Any Situation

In Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) rich workplaces, leaders create a sense of safety, regardless of the situation and tolerance for risk-taking.

Resilience @ Work

Revitalize Teams To Adapt & Innovate

The Reslience @ Work approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of employee, leader and team behavior at work and provides tools to help foster resilience in the workplace.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Enhance Effectiveness for Teams

MBTI is used to help individuals develop and build self-awareness and to help teams work better together through mutual understanding.

work with kathy

Book A Free 30 Min Consultation

Let’s have a conversation about where things are at for you and/or your organization and where you want to be. Discover how Spiritual Intelligence, Resilience @ Work and/or Myers-Briggs Type-Indicator can support your personal and organizational goals.

What Others Are Saying About Kathy

Kathy has always impressed me with her thoughtful understanding of the value of fundraising and her caring approach to authentic donor relationships.  She has comprehensive knowledgeable about best practises in fundraising and offered valuable orientation and training for my current volunteer Board. We are also contracting with her to further support our philanthropic endeavours. Kathy has the right background, personality and leadership skills to support organizations in moving their campaigns and initiatives forward. 

CD – Board Chair

Thanks for bringing Kathy in to speak. Her light, but comprehensive style makes the topic interesting, and  engaging and I really respect all of her knowledge.

Community Leader - Training Participant

(Board Member Roles and Responsibilities Orientation Session)

You lead such a lovely unassuming presentation and in a way to bring out the best and help us make key decisions. I can’t thank you enough. I am learning so much!

Executive Director - Training Participant