Curiousity. Clarity. Courage.


Kathy’s gift is to see both the big picture and the many layers of intricacies within the organization and the team. As a curious consultant, she is able to use her intuition and inquiry methods to uncover what’s really going on in order to develop a viable, permanent and effective solution. Her approach is rooted in building trust and empowering people to explore possibilities.. (No band-aids here!)


Helping You & Your Organization Thrive

I am a lifelong learner with a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, am a certified Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) coach and have my CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive).

Through my extensive career, I worked in senior leadership and fundraising roles in children’s services, health care, and college and university settings and have led teams in-person and remotely.

As a Consultant and Coach, I help create environments that foster holistic, creative, vibrant, forward-thinking organizational cultures where each individual is honoured and valued for their contributions; where leaders and teams can experience calm, even when there is chaos.

leadership development

Empowered Teams Foster Creativity

When organizational cultures cultivate safety, trust and risk-taking, employees bring their best self to work. Curious about how organizational development and coaching can enhance creativity and innovation through exploring self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, team building, and empowerment?

Spiritual Intelligence

Maintaining Inner & Outer Peace In Any Situation

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is defined as the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation. In SQ rich workplaces, leaders create a sense of safety and tolerance for risk-taking.

Resilience @ Work

Revitalize Teams To Adapt & Innovate

Resilience is a state not a trait and resiliency skills can be learned and developed. The Resilience @ Work Toolkit approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of employee, leader and team behavior at work and provides tools to help foster resilience in the workplace. 

Free Download

Tips for Being a Calm & Healing Presence in Uncertainty

As leaders in our organizations, family and community people look to us for guidance and direction. As we lead and support others, we also need to foster our own wellness and resilience. Download my free e-tool for tips on how to build resilience and develop a practice of self-care and nurturing in the face of uncertainty.

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