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Resilience @ Work® can create conversations that reignite the spark and create cohesion, inclusivity and care for each other which helps to optimize individual and team performance. 

Foster Your Own Resilience And Be Part Of A Thriving Workplace

These are tough times. You have been doing some ‘heavy lifting’. Your colleagues and staff have been too.  Work is tough. You are doing more with less, managing demanding customers and adapting to external pressures – all against a backdrop of change and uncertainty. 

You are juggling complexities of leadership, teamwork and managing old and new ways of maintaining relationships and rapport inside and outside your organization. 

If you are tired, losing motivation or have even felt unwell physically and emotionally, it isn’t just you. Many people are experiencing the same!

Is it sustainable?  How do you meet the challenge to show up, produce, create, solve and deliver?

The Resilience at Work® Tool Kit may be just the system you need to strengthen yourself and your team – in both wellness and results.

Resilience @ Work ToolKit

Resilience at Work (R@W)® is a:

  • Unique, and powerful approach to measuring, building and tracking resilient workplace cultures.
  • Practical roadmap that can help you sustain performance and wellbeing in yourself, your teams and across organizations.
  • Research-based tool specifically designed for the workplace
  • Process that helps you create and track ways to be resilient – aligning individual, team and leader actions

R@W® helps you to take stock of where you are, leverage collective strengths, manage shared pressures and adapt to change while proactively looking to the horizon.

The R@W Toolkit is a  complementary suite of measures that can be used independently or together, depending on the circumstances.

Each element includes a survey tool that allows participants to self-identify strengths and gaps in various components of resilience.  The results are then shared with you and either an individual or group debrief follows depending on which part of the tool you are wanting to work in.

Depending on needs and the consultant’s recommendations, individual coaching or team training sessions are arranged to help you maximize your strengths and address gaps.

R@W Individual

A measure based on the Sustain 7 Model that assesses individual employee resilience.

R@W Team

A measure that assesses the group practices that promote team resilience. This builds on the R@W Individual Scale and can be used when there is an opportunity to work with the whole team.

R@W Leader

Leaders may choose two options to explore – a self- assessment with debriefing on how they see themselves supporting and contributing to team resilience OR they can allow their team members to provide their perspective through a survey.  This can be used as a stand-alone measure in coaching and leadership development or together with the other scales.

The Value of Resilience

Resilience was commonly known to be important for emotionally charged, and intense work in areas such as health care, policing, crisis work, or the military.  But in this rapidly changing complex world, resiliency is increasingly important for all of us as we navigate workloads, budgets, frequent change, technology, politics, pandemics, and global influences. In many workplaces, personal stress is increasing and mental health and wellness is a concern. 

Resilience moves well beyond just personal perseverance. Resilience does NOT mean; suck it up, stick your nose to the grindstone or just try harder, work faster, work smarter.

According to Kathryn McEwen, who created the R@W® Tool Kit, defines Resiliency as the capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, to adapt to, and learn from unexpected setbacks and to prepare for future challenges proactively.

Fostering resiliency is valuable because research shows it can result in:


Optimized teamwork


Change adaptability


Engagement and Wellness


Sustained performance

A Resilience @ Work® Sneak Peek

The models below give you a quick view of the components of R@W.


Living Authentically

Knowing and holding onto your personal values, deploying your strengths, and having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation.

Find Your Calling

Having work that offers purpose and a sense of belonging. Aligning work with your core values and beliefs.

Maintaining Perspective

Staying optimistic and keeping a solution focus when things go wrong. Reframing setbacks and minimizing the impact of any negativity around you.

Mastering Stress

Having work and life routines that help you manage your everyday stressors. Working to create work-life balance and ensuring time for relaxation and recovery.

Interacting Cooperatively

Seeking feedback, advice and support and also providing support readily to others.

Staying Healthy

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep.

Building Networks

Developing and maintaining the personal and professional support networks needed at home and at end in order to perform well in your job.



Having shared purpose, goals and values and the skills needed to do the job. Being proactive when issues arise for the team.


Developing effective team processes that enable a clear focus on priorities. Harnessing team member strengths and resources and building a culture of continuous improvement.


Staying optimistic and having a solution, rather than a problem, focus. Persisting in the face of obstacles.


Promoting and deploying good stress management routines and being alert to signs of overload in members. Supporting life-work balance.


Continually building capacity through accessing networks and supports. Seeking feedback and building on what works well.


Caring for colleagues as people and being co-operative and supportive with each other.


Aligning and developing talents to create the desired outcomes. Sharing and celebrating success.


Bring Resilience @ Work Into Your Organization

R@W® can create conversations that reignite the spark and create cohesion, inclusivity and care for each other. Fostering resilience can optimize performance and the bottom line because it can revitalize teams so they can adapt and innovate.

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What Others Are Saying About Kathy

Volunteer Lethbridge hired Kathy MacFarlane to provide Resiliency at Work training, at a time our team was feeling anything but resilient! The team assessment provided was an extremely valuable framework that we built discussion around. We are a healthier team today as a result of the work done with Kathy – work that we plan to continue with her facilitation.

Executive Director

Kathy played a pivotal role in helping our organization create and assemble the resources needed to establish a strong foundation for a fund development strategy. Her extensive experience combined with her caring and patient approach made her an extremely valuable asset to our project. In addition to fund raising knowledge, Kathy brings a broad range of skills to the table including leadership, facilitation and coaching. I highly recommend her.

JS - Executive Director