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Kathy MacFarlane will make your next event extraordinary by inspiring your attendees to put their best selves into everything they do. 

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Kathy MacFarlane, MA in Leadership, CFRE Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, combines her knowledge and expertise with wisdom and compassion to deliver engaging presentations to audiences across Canada. She is known for her holistic approach to leadership and organizational development, and for providing actionable insights into today’s challenging climate.

Kathy’s approach to every speaking engagement is to get to know the organization’s mission, who will be in attendance, and their goals for the event in order to provide the highest impact possible for each person in the room. 

Kathy enjoys connecting with audiences both from the stage and afterwards to add value to every event.

Examples of Speaking Topics


Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace


Team Building Through Sensing & 'Presencing'


Resiliency, Purpose, Passion


Spiritual Intelligence for Fundraisers


Listening in Teams


Focus for Leading


Conversations for Fundraisers - Asking Better Questions

Upcoming Speaking Events

Kathy will be presenting an Introduction to Spiritual Intelligence at Martha Retreat Centre in Lethbridge, AB in January and repeated in March.

Offering 1 Dates: Tuesdays, January 19th and 26th 7-9 pm at the Martha Retreat Centre Lethbridge, AB

Offering 2 Dates: Wednesdays, March 10th and 17th 7-9 pm at the 

Location: Martha Retreat Centre Lethbridge, AB

Cost: $90

Description: In these times of disruption, upheaval, and brokenness people are looking for deeper answers and profound ways to navigate change and influence their personal, social, and global world for the better. Although we have been in disruptive times before, society continues to use old patterns that are not working. As Otto Scharmer said, “We are collective colluding in creating a future nobody wants.”

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is defined as the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation. (Cindy Wigglesworth)

Many people are familiar with IQ (Intelligence Quotient), a person’s rational, problem-solving intelligence and EQ (Emotional Intelligence), focused on awareness and management of emotions. SQ connects a person to their higher intelligence, allowing them to find meaning and a purpose greater than themselves.

The SQ model describes 21 measurable skills that are divided into four quadrants covering: awareness of our higher self versus the ego, self mastery, universal awareness, and spiritual presence. SQ is a relatively new field, and research is showing that SQ amplifies our IQ and EQ and has many personal and business benefits.

The program will explore 8 of the 21 skills to serve as a grounding for more discovery.


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