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 Leadership Development

Six Thinking Hats

This tool is great for leaders and teams who are stuck in “group thinking” or are at the beginning or middle of a project and realize they don’t have all the puzzle pieces. Practice using this tool by “switching hats” to help view other opportunities and challenges using different approaches.

Three Things Team Members Need At Work

Learn The 3 Key Things People Need In Their Work & Roles In Order To Create A Thriving Workplace. Use this tool to reflect on how these 3 key wants will be addressed in your employees, including yourself.

Dynamic Leadership

This is a great tool to plot the motivation and competence of your team members for any given skill. When you understand that (make it a mutual conversation) then you can adjust your level of leadership involvement based on the needs. This tool is a conversation starter in understanding where people are at and helps each one focus on key areas to move them closer to success. It can also be a starting point for a performance growth plan as you will mutually have a snapshot of areas to enhance.

Leadership Styles

Many times, people find themselves in leadership roles but are unconscious about their preferred styles and whether they are effective or not. Sometimes we need to unlearn what we have been taught about leadership.  This tool simplifies some excellent work by Peter Senge in his book called The Fifth Discipline.

Spiritual Intelligence

Tips for Being A Calm & Healing Presence In Uncertainty

As leaders in our organizations, family and community people look to us for guidance and direction. As we lead and support others, we also need to foster our own wellness and resilience. Download my free e-tool for tips on how to build resilience and develop a practice of self-care and nurturing in the face of uncertainty.

Fund Development

Connection Capacity Care Form

This is a useful tool if you are thinking about starting a campaign or your organization is new to fundraising and you need help thinking about who your friends and supporters are.